Credit card offers with 0% APR: What’s it really mean?

March 1, 2018

I bet you see 0% credit card offers frequently. They come in our mail, email, and sometimes when we buy a pair of $4.00 socks at a retail store. Do you find yourself contemplating whether or not to open one or take advantage of it on a card you already have? I know I do, … Continued

All About that Credit: Respecting your Credit Card

April 1, 2016

All About That Credit is a 4-part series about establishing, improving and maintaining good credit. Credit is a complex topic, and while I hope this series will be informative, I welcome questions specific to your particular situation. Part 1: Respecting your Credit Card I’ll be honest – I love my credit card, and here’s why: It generates … Continued

Let’s Get Started 2016: Financial Wellness

January 23, 2016

It’s a new year and that can mean a lot of things. For those of us in New England, January means cold weather. But on the bright side, it also means making chili, snow skiing (my favorite!), and watching all of the best picture nominations. And most importantly, to me, January means starting fresh. I … Continued